What lies within us counts. Listen to it.

I get so mad every time I hear someone say “my doctor told me I have a… 5% chance   of conceiving / eggs of a sixty year old / early menopause at 35 / an outside chance of this working”. It’s so irresponsible.  It seems to me that these phrases are for the benefit of the doctor (so there is no repercussion if it doesn’t work), rather than benefitting the the patient.

If someone has said this to you how do you react? It’s hard to have the courage to say “that’s not me” or “I don’t think so”. If you have been told this type of thing, see if you can create another mantra for yourself like “I am healthy and fertile”, or “I am on my way to creating a healthy baby”. Turn off that doubting voice and tune in that inner wisdom within you.

Remember, we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors.  Our bodies know what to do. See if you can tune in to that deep sense inside you which, if you listen carefully, can help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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