Relaxing with yoga helps mums’ fertility work at full stretch

Four rounds of IVF had not helped Bec Thornhill Robinson fall pregnant during three heartbreaking years. But then she joined a fertility yoga class and baby Daisy was on the way just a few months later.


Ms Thornhill Robinson, 43, is just one of about 100 mums who have given birth after attending Melinda Rushe’s Yoga For Fertility courses at Manly’s QI Yoga.

Although Ms Rushe said yoga did not help women conceive, there was research to prove it could help women relax which, in turn, boosted fertility.

Ms Thornhill Robinson, a hairdresser from Freshwater, said the classes helped her calm down when she was desperate for a child with husband Dave.

“I do think it was a big factor,” she said. “When you want something so bad, you don’t know how to relax.”

She said it was an “amazing shock” to discover she was pregnant, three months after completing the fourweek course and continuing to use the techniques.

Daisy is now six months old.

She was conceived naturally, Fertility yoga classes will not, of course, help women conceive but experts say they help with the stress of trying for a baby, which, in turn, can increase the chances of success

The classes use hatha yoga despite doctors telling Ms Thornhill Robinson she had endometriosis, which can affect fertility. Ms Rushe, who also struggled to conceive but went on to give birth to twins after becoming a yoga teacher, said she had helped dozens of women. “They’ve got pregnant pretty soon after the end of the course,” she said. “Yoga isn’t going to get you pregnant. “If you are trying to get pregnant and can’t, it’s incredibly stressful. I’m using the techniques to help find some calm amid the chaos. “I use all of the ancient wisdom in this very modernday concept of fertility. “There’s good research that shows if you are less stressed you are more fertile.”

By Sarah Swain, Manly Daily 28.11.15


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