How do we ‘let go’ and find our fertile self?

How often have you been told ‘go on holiday and relax’ if you want to get pregnant? (Is this possibly the most unhelpful thing anyone can say to someone trying to successfully conceive? I think so!) But as with all sayings there is a nub of truth in there and I think it’s about letting go. But how do you do it? Much easier said than done, but I believe that practicing yoga can help. When we breathe out more than we breathe in, the exhale is all about surrender. It’s a release, a softening, a letting go. We combine this with a mantra like ‘I breathe in calm, I let go’, and it’s this that helps us to start the process. All things take time, and this is no exception. It’s about practicing and keeping at it – once we can do this, being able to let go off of the mat can unfold.

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