Find a blessing through the practice

I was chatting to a friend who has been through a lot with fertility treatments. We were talking about how some people take part in much alcohol fuelled partying, drink 4 cups of coffee a day and still manage to pop kids out one after another like smarties. How can this be?  It seems so unfair!

All I can think is that each of us has different paths to travel, and for those of us with fertility issues, this is ours.  We can choose to focus on what we don’t have yet, or we can trust that having put everything in place to have a healthy baby, they are on their way to us.

By doing our practices, breathing deeply from the belly and turning on our rest-and-digest system, by doing our gentle yoga asana poses to move the blood around the reproductive organs, by saying our mantras and affirmations and reminding ourselves to stay present – all these things help to bring our baby to us. It’s from our practice that our belief emerges.  Practice, practice, practice, make it a priority, let these techniques and poses work for you to draw your baby closer.

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