Look inward and be open to experts

We often expect doctors to have all the answers. Sometimes, when they don’t know what the answer is, they try a number of things that might work. But what if they honestly said ‘look I’m sorry but I don’t know’.  It would be a shock wouldn’t it? Would it make us look elsewhere – perhaps even within us for the answers?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m certainly not knocking western fertility medicine.  Our twin boys are IVF babies so I’m totally pro ART, but I also believe that there is still a lot about our fertility which we can help with as well. So often we are prepared to put our bodies and our emotions through a huge amount of stress, and the outcome still isn’t successful.

I’m totally against looking at fertility statistics. (I believe that there is too much of this bandied about for us to focus on and get negative about). Those that are into the stats I’m sure know the official line.  But there is a huge % in any given month that is the ‘X’ factor to a successful conception.  That ‘X’ factor might be, in combination with trying naturally or ART, using natural therapies such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, herbs, reflexology or acupressure. The key is to be open to it and speak to as many specialists in their field and see if what they are offering speaks to you.  I ended up with an amazing group of women who totally supported me – from my IVF doctor, acupuncturist, therapist and nutritionist.  All these people played their part BUT, and this is the important bit, I played my part too through my daily practice (breathing techniques, asana poses, mantras, affirmations, visualisations etc).  All this adds up to our ‘X’ factor for successful conception each month.  If you need some suggestions about specialists to turn to, see my friends page.  If you’d like to learn simple stress-relief techniques and poses join me at my next course here.










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