Best yoga pose for anger

If you can’t be kind to yourself, then try and be gentle. If you’re angry with the situation that you’re in and you’re unable to forgive the past, it’s ok. Just noticing that you are angry is a form of kindness.  When you are ready, maybe you can speak to someone about how you are feeling – a good friend or therapist. When we talk about how we are feeling this often helps to start healing. What you say to yourself now and your thoughts and feelings will not be like this forever.  Remember everything is a process. This too will pass.

There are some great yoga poses to get anger out of the body like wood chopper pose.  The most powerful part of the pose is to visualise what you want to get rid of that’s making you angry.  It might simply be ‘everything’.  (Sometimes there are so many things that just mentioning one isn’t nearly cathartic enough.  Actually, it does’t matter what it is, it’s the release that’s the important bit). Stand with your feet mat distance apart, straighten your arms and hold your hands together as if you are holding onto an axe.  Tuck your chin in and exhale.  Inhale, raise your arms above your head and open up your throat.  As you exhale sweep your arms down and through your legs, and at the same time make a loud ‘haaa’ noise from your belly.  Come up half way and sweep your arms through your legs again with a loud ‘haaa’ sound.  Do this one more time then come to stand.  Breathe and feel the effects of the practice.  Do this 3 times and notice if you feel calmer.  It’s a great one to do if you’ve had a bad day.  Get rid of the tension in the body, don’t let it sit there.  Get it out to feel calmer and happier.

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