2014 September

Be gentle with yourself you are doing the best you can

Next time you say that negative thing to yourself, (you know the type of thing like.. ‘it’s hopeless’, ‘this will never happen’, ‘you deserve this, it’s all your fault’), see if you can catch it. How can you be kind to your friends, your partner, your family and even the baby that is to come if you can’t be kind to yourself? Once you’re aware of how you are speaking then balance some of that negativity out by using your mantra eg. ‘I am doing all I can to welcome our baby to us’. Be kind, be gentle. Remember how wonderful you are. You are doing all you can. You can’t do more. There is something empowering about this.



Thank you to all the wonderful women who completed my Yoga for Fertility course the last Sunday in August 2014. I couldn’t do the work that I’m doing without you showing up each week and sharing your stories and wisdom. I learn so many valuable lessons each time so I can continue to improve what I’m teaching. Thank you so much for your part in this, I really appreciate it. xx


Reclining twist over a bolster to release stress

Twists are wonderful for fertility. They allow us to squeeze the internal organs, releasing toxins and stress – but it’s the release where the magic happens. The fresh oxygenated blood flows into the repro organs, releasing tension and balancing hormones. I love doing them over a bolster, particularly if you’re in the stimulation phase of an IVF cycle. This is a gentle way to get all the benefits without putting pressure on the tum. When you’re in the pose you will feel the intercostal muscles (the little muscles between the ribs) stretch and gently open allowing us to get more oxygen in and breathe a little deeper.


Apana Vayu and fertility

We often talk about prana ‘life force energy’, but when we have fertility issues it’s important to move the ‘apana’ the downward flow of energy, which comes from the abdomen and is connected to the diaphragm and erector muscles along the spine. When the diaphragm is tight it’s hard to take a full breath from the belly which we need to do to turn on our rest and digest response. When the erector muscles are tight it limits the flexibility in the spine. The spine needs good nerve and blood supply so it can support the organs and also the uterus. Poses like mountain brook (see pic) are great to help to move the apana in the belly, opening up, releasing tension and allowing oxygenated blood to move around the repro organs.


How do we ‘let go’ and find our fertile self?

How often have you been told ‘go on holiday and relax’ if you want to get pregnant? (Is this possibly the most unhelpful thing anyone can say to someone trying to successfully conceive? I think so!) But as with all sayings there is a nub of truth in there and I think it’s about letting go. But how do you do it? Much easier said than done, but I believe that practicing yoga can help. When we breathe out more than we breathe in, the exhale is all about surrender. It’s a release, a softening, a letting go. We combine this with a mantra like ‘I breathe in calm, I let go’, and it’s this that helps us to start the process. All things take time, and this is no exception. It’s about practicing and keeping at it – once we can do this, being able to let go off of the mat can unfold.


Best yoga pose for fertility is Viparita Karani

If you only have time to do one daily yoga pose for fertility – make this it. (Great for partners too). Legs up the wall (viparita karani). If you’re stressed, tired and finding it hard to sleep this pose revitalises the body and supports it to let go and relax. It calms the nervous system and turns on our rest & digest response (our parasympathetic nervous system), so vital to help us find calm. Gentle inversions like this also help to energise the body. So if you’re feeling down and could do with a bit more ‘mo’ in your ‘mo-jo’, try this pose. (*Important reminder. Once you are pregnant, do not do this pose, particularly if you’re prone to miscarriage).


Listen to your body

So much about conquering fear is trust. Trusting that our bodies know what to do. It can be hard can’t it? Often we turn to the medical profession first rather than our own inner wisdom. We may need that external help from doctors, but wouldn’t it be great if we turned inwards first? Then, and only then, if we need extra help we could seek medical advice. If you’re at the beginning of this journey¬†and automatically thinking you might need Assisted Reproductive Therapies to help you, that might be case, but it also might not. See if you can tune in and connect with your own inner healer first and perhaps consider other non invasive therapies (like acupuncture, herbalists, naturopaths etc.) who might be able to assist you.


Having a bad day?

Having one of these today? Cry, scream, shout… just get it out!


Pashimottanasana for fertility

This seated forward bend (pashimottansasana) is a great pose for fertility, particularly for those with PCOS as it helps to balance the hormones in the body. It works on 2 levels: On a physical level it stimulates the ovaries and uterus, and balances the hormones in the endocrine system responsible for fertility. On a psychological level it cools and calms helping to relieve fatigue, anxiety and stress. For those of us with tight hamstrings place a blanket under the knees and a bolster on top of the thighs (if you need further assistance coming forward add a block as well so that your head is fully supported in the pose and you can really relax into it).


Let go of sadness & open your heart

Sadness is an emotion which can be all too familiar on this yo-yo journey to conceive our baby. It’s important to grieve in order to heal, but when we hold on to sadness for too long it can become all consuming and stop us from moving on. So how can yoga help? When we get on the mat, move our bodies and follow our breath it helps us to connect with ourselves which is what we need most when we are healing. Heart opening poses like backbends help us to release tightness in our chest and allows us to feel lighter, happier and calmer.



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