2014 August

Negative behavioural patterns doing IVF

I’m really interested in patterns in behaviour. Particularly the negative patterns that we all hold and may as yet be unaware of. At one point in the middle of doing an IVf cycle I was walking down a really steep hill daily, around a large oval and then back up again.  Nuts! Looking back I know there was a number of things going on. I resented being in the situation that I was in, I blamed myself for my fertility problems, I was punishing myself for stopping work. I have often been hard on myself and these emotions of resentment, blame and guilt manifested again when I had fertility issues. (Interestingly they are also the emotions of the 2nd chakra when it’s out of balance, and the 2nd chakra is related to fertility).  It’s only in retrospect I can see what is going on. Are there things that you are doing that is not additive to the process for successfully conceiving? What patterns do you have in your life that have come to the fore in your current situation.  Is there anything you can do to change these behaviours now that you’re aware of them.  When I think back now, with the benefit of hindsight I should have done the opposite.  Been kind to myself, given myself a break, knowing that I was doing my best.



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